January 18, 2018 all-day

ambremarcello7pm doors, 8pm show

Ambre and Marcello reunite for ‘Into Oblivion’ – A captivating show built around the vibrant, haunting and very sexy music of South American composer Astor Piazzolla- known for revolutionising the Tango. Also included in their unique and exciting program is the music of Piazzolla’s contemporaries and even a dash of Debussy reworked! Ambre Hammond (Piano) and Marcello Maio (Accordion) engage you into their conversation as the romantic intensity of their musical program draws you into a world of heightened energy and tension as they go between the excitement of a frenzied Tango such as ‘Jealousy’ and the ethereal beauty of a timeless composition like ‘Oblivion’.
Ambre and Marcello will also explore the music of another much loved South American composer, Antonio Carlos Jobim. Be guaranteed a night of extreme passion and technical prowess from these two consummate musicians.

more info [1305200]