March 8, 2018 all-day

club hoy carus 1a7pm doors, 8pm show

Don’t miss this very special double bill from two wonderful acoustic acts:

CLUB HOY (trio)

At the peak of 1990s grunge two girls with guitars blithely flew in the face of fashion and began performing around Sydney’s inner-city pubs as Club Hoy. Their twin vocal sound and sweet melodic folk pop songs soon cut a fresh swathe through the fuzz guitar of the indie music scene.

In 1993, Penny Flanagan and Julia Richardson decided to go their separate ways and pursue individual music careers.

20 years on, the girls have come together again with the purest objective: to play old songs and enjoy each others company. No record business, no pressure, just the joy of music and shared memories. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see them perform in trio mode.


Globe trotting troubadour Carus Thompson has done it the hard way. Independent, with no commercial radio play, self-managed and funded he’s toured the world alongside The John Butler Trio, The Waifs, Xavier Rudd, Jack Johnson & Pete Murray, selling over 30,000 albums along the way.

He’s won his loyal fan base through 20 years of hitting the road, one punter, one gig, one tour at a time, always delivering passionate, energetic, folk-rocking shows that entertain and engage.

This is the third and final tour for his lauded ISLAND album, before he takes a break to start writing for album number seven. Don’t miss one of this countries finest pub-rock acoustic singer-songwriters. 

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