March 18, 2018 all-day


7pm doors, 8pm show

An evening of passion and intoxicating music, experience Spanish music, and flamenco at Camelot Lounge. Entertained by an internationally renowned flamenco group of artists, including involvement from local students you’ll discover why this traditional art form of Andalusia engages everyone.

There are three parts to the show. In a community celebratory ambiance, students will perform some selected works throughout the evening. Sydney’s authentic popular Spanish band Flamenco del Mar will serenade you with traditional songs and Flamenco dancers will perform traditional original choreographies.

The flamenco show reveals the variety of music, singing, and dancing incorporated in this passionate art form. Improvisation is a key element of flamenco, with each artist individually interpreting the rhythm and communicating the beat to the other players. Communication between the artists and audience is also an important part of the performance. There will be plenty of opportunities to join in on the dancing, so bring your shoes and your best moves – see you out on the dance floor amigos. Vamooooooooos.

more info [1305200]