KALOUNE (Réunion Island) + ROSIE HENSHAW @ Django Bar

August 10, 2017 @ 11:45 pm

Kalune Cropped6pm door, 8pm show

Actress, storyteller and author of two collections of poems in Creole and French, Judith Profil, better known as Kaloune, is an exciting new artist from Réunion.  In this solo show, accompanied only by the Zimbabwean mbira (thumb piano), the sweetness, clarity and authenticity of her sound immediately draws the listener in, holding the ear in a trance-like state until she chooses to break the spell. Building a new poetical speech, this girl stands at the frontier of expression, and by weaving prayer into song, nursery rhyme, traditional creole, french song, and poetry, Kaloune expresses who she is.

Rosie Henshaw: Chanteuse, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, free spirit You may have seen her wielding a Sitar & traipsing the globe with Australian band Old Man River, or donning an eccentric costume singing her lungs out as lead singer of Sydney party band The Bakery. Or groovin’ on a Cajon with songstress NGAIIRE. ROSïE’s musical chameleon-like superpowers, over the years, have proven there to be no doubt that she has music oozing from every pore. It is through her solo project, however, that she has the opportunity to divulge her soul and share with you her world, in its most organic setting. She draws an audience into an intimate space & then charms them along the journey of her songs, with her musical prowess culminating in a melting pot of acoustically soulful grooves, lush melodies, whimsical stories & smiles – lots of smiles.

more info [1305200]