March 4, 2018 all-day

mocambo (1a)

7pm doors, 8pm show

Mocambo Jam brings to life the legendary Italian songwriters Paolo Conte, Fabrizio De Andrè, Francesco De Gregori & Vinicio Capossela. Mocambo Jam is the Sydney based trio of passionate musicians Mauro Colombis (classical pianist), Gino Pengue (guitarist) & Danilo Sidari (vocals). Sit back & enjoy the charming music & warmth of Mocambo Jam.

“If you like Italian vintage red wine & dream in black & white, then you can’t afford to miss Mocambo Jam”
Marco Lucchi – SBS Radio

Here is a rare opportunity to get to know these two musicians up close and personal and hear what they can do. Jess is one of Sydneys musical legends. A regular at every serious music venue in Sydney (including Camelot Lounge!). He is an accomplished multi instrumentalist but on his first instrument, percussion, he is really breath taking. Everyone loves working with him and everyone wants to work with him. In this show there is space for Jess to do his thing and you won’t miss a note.

Jose is a case of unrestrained love, joy and passion for the spirit that flows through the music of the world. He lives his professional life on the street ‘gypsy style’ and has sold close to 15,000 copies of his albums.
Jose loves his audiences as much as the music and for him a gig is just time to share the love and energy and connection to each song with you.

more info [1305200]