PAUL MCKENNA BAND (Scotland) @ Django

June 2, 2018 all-day

pk7pm door, 9pm show

“The best folk band to have come out of Scotland in the last twenty years” New York Times

“The best band of their generation” The Living Tradition

“A band with the potential to dominate the Scottish/Irish traditional scene for the next twenty years” Fatea Magazine

Glasgow’s Paul McKenna sees the world as verses and choruses. For over a decade he has travelled the world as a musician, collecting the stories of everyday and exceptional lives. From there come the songs written and sung by a common man with an exceptional voice. His vibrato is immediately recognisable and when he begins to weave a tale, an audience is stilled.

When asked what he wants from the music industry it’s simply – “nothing…I just want to sing songs”. Be it social injustice, inequality or an homage to the wonder and joy of simple things, he sings for us all. His band mates (Ewan Baird, Conor Markey, Robbie Greig, Conal McDonagh) weave exceptional melodies with traditional instrumentation and their sound has carried them all over the world.

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