Peruvian National Day Party with SARAMBE!!!

July 28, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

Sarambe 27pm doors, 8pm show

SARAMBE is an 8 piece Afro Peruvian band powered by traditional afro Peruvian percussion; cajon, congas, bongo, cowbell, chekere and quijada (donkey’s jawbone!) and brought to harmonic life with flamenco and jazz influenced guitar, bass and violin, plus passionate lead vocals and beautiful harmonies. The music evolved from rhythms of Africa brought to Peru with the early slave trade, then fused with the harmony of Spanish and later jazz influences. A combination of the high energy, joyous festejo with the groovy, dark and sensuous lando, the romantic and emotional vals peruano, as well as other rhythms, gives range and variety to the textures and tempos of the repertoire. Sarambe showcases this deep and dynamic music in a special performance at Camelot Lounge to celebrate Peruvian Independence Day. A rare cultural treat for dancers and listeners alike.

more info [1305200]