September 6, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

rule 34 sept6pm doors, 7.30pm show

RULE 34 – meaning if it exists or can be imagined, there is porn of it. No exceptions! Erotic, absurd, filthy, fearless, funny and always unexpected – RULE 34 is a part-performance, part-storytelling event held monthly that pokes at the boundaries of controversy, while celebrating local underground performance talent. No 2 shows are the same! This time around, we are PERVERTING POP CULTURE.

Pop culture is everywhere! From the moment we open our eyes we are barraged with notifications, loves, likes, shares & memes. So, we figured, why not take the movies, music, video games, celebrities & brands we collectively know, love & loathe, & give them the Rule 34 treatment? Think… when Harry Met Sally, Game of Moans, Britney Queers, Gremlins gone wild, Beliebers, My Little Porny, Janet Jackson’s boob gone rogue, Smurf porn, the anal obsession, the real reason Rose didn’t let Frozen Jack on the door even though she said she’d “never let go, Jack”, &…who knows what our cast of pop culture perverts will draw upon. Performances by: Lucie Bee, The 3 Musky Queers, Rosie Rivette, Marlena Dali, B1 & B2, Valentina Silk, Siren Vandoll, Joy Ryde, Fi Bonacci, Adam Apple, Harley Quim, Amie Wee, & more to be announced!

more info [1305200]