February 9, 2020 all-day

Shanti6pm doors, 7pm show

‘East meets west: Indian classical infused with soul, jazz & flamenco inspired sounds’.

SHANTI FIRE is the meeting of 5 seasoned musicians who bring their depth of experience in Indian classical, jazz, soul, kirtan, West African, Jewish folk and flamenco to produce music that is unique, hypnotic and passionate.

Rosie Henshaw leads the band with her soulful voice, Sitar playing and heart opening songs. Emanuel Lieberfreund explores his Jewish roots through his classical & jazz training on flute and saxophone. Byron Mark exhibits his Flamenco flair on Spanish cajon, coupled with his classical/jazz training on piano – and plays both instruments simultaneously! Rucha Lange hailing from Gujrat, offers exquisite renditions of Indian classical ragas, ghazals and devotional music through her stunning Indian classically trained voice. Maharshi Raval, one of Australia’s most skilful and versatile Tabla players, adds a spicy fire to the mix. Together they form SHANTI FIRE: World music fusion at its most exciting and most vibrant.

With band leader Rosie having relocated to Amsterdam, don’t miss this chance to experience SHANTI FIRE on one of their rare reunion concerts.

more info [1305200]