September 21, 2018 all-day

Steve Balbi _ Modern Love [web image]7pm doors, 9pm show

The eclecticism of singer, composer and producer, Steve Balbi, mines a kaleidoscope of life at the margins, navigating a wistful path from melancholy through madness,

Exclusive to the Camelot Lounge, Balbi performs new songs from his forthcoming studio album, Humans, alongside reimagined and revealing reworks with a band featuring Jak Housden, Mick Skelton, Ian Tilley, and Beau Golden.

Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, Balbi’s greatly anticipated follow-up to Black Rainbow sets an entirely new course for his enigmatic artistry.

Transcending rock and pop as he coalesces sentimentality and soul, the first single, Modern Love, bespeaks riff and verse, meanwhile exploring heterogeneity, refinement and dirty rotten groove.

“It’s good to be alive.” – Steve Balbi

Exclusive to the Camelot Lounge, Richie Cirillo and Dario Bortolin (INXS, Dragon, Baby Animals) will present their aural pandemic of multi-layered, elemental rock, for the very first time, raw and acoustic. Recorded and produced by Steve Balbi, with all strings tuned to ‘E’, the Spectre Tapes trilogy of EPs reflect a profoundly passionate interrogation of the tri-part notion of soul.

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