June 10, 2017 @ 9:00 pm

vulgargrad 1a7pm doors, 9pm show

VulgarGrad are coming to Camelot Lounge for two special shows as part of VIVID SYDNEY!

VulgarGrad arose in Melbourne in late 2004 out of a collaboration between some of Australia’s best musicians in underground ethnic styles and the incredible vocal talents of one Australia’s most formidable stage and screen actors, Jacek Koman. (Children of Men, Moulin Rouge, Romulus My Father, Australia)

Throughout the twentieth century, criminal culture always played a strong, if unofficial part in Russian cultural life, and this was never more highly developed than in the thieves’ songs, or blatnye pesni – performed by, for, and about criminals in the prisons, gulags and seedy bars of Soviet and post-Soviet Russia.

VulgarGrad bring their own inimitable sound, producing something that transcends the language barrier by aiming straight for your convict heritage and your dancing feet. Since inception, they have caused a sensation on Australia’s live music and festival scene, proving that what Australian audiences really seem to need is a wild night of old-fashioned Russian criminality. After all, if Russia and Australia have anything in common, it’s convicts.

more info [1305200]