November 29, 2018 all-day

bonnie7pm doors, 8pm show

Art As Catharsis presents the launch of Bonniesongs’ Strings, a colourful four-track journey from the mind of Sydney based art-folk virtuoso Bonnie Stewart.

Backed by collaborators Freya Schack-Arnott on Cello and Sascha Bota on Viola, Stewart’s composition dances between conventional and uninhibited. Through challenging modern conventions the Australian folk scene is often beholden to, Strings in its entirety offers refreshing bursts of complexity and wonder. Stewart’s voice calls as clearly and distinctly as birdsong, while every instrument wonderfully accentuates its surroundings.

Supporting is Julia Johnson, a singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist who has crafted a sonic world in which antique folk instruments get swept up in to modern beats. Critics have likened her to Florence Welch, Joni Mitchell and Sufjan Stevens.

“For a peck of audiences in Australia over the past couple of years, Bonnie Stewart has been one of those subtly transcendent artists. Her lilting vocals float over gentle peaks of acoustic and electronic instruments, layered ethereally into what may be a moderately enchanted loop pedal.” – Caramel Animals

“(Strings) carries itself with the experimental, otherworldly demeanor of artists like Björk or Joanna Newsom, while keeping the genre’s roots in honest, earthy sounds alive and intact.” – Everything Is Noise

more info [1305200]