February 10, 2019 all-day

callum7pm doors, 8pm show

Callum Wylie has spent the last couple of years playing shows across Sydney and up and down the East coast of Australia. After a successful tour supporting the critically acclaimed Ahern Brothers, he buckled down and returned to some previously recorded songs to finish them for his second release. Working on the Central Coast with Andrew Beck at Riversong Studios, Callum Wylie was able to craft a four track EP, that is a step up from his debut Tomorrows Sun. In an effort to capture the warmth of his Americana sound, the EP was simply produced with a focus on live takes and acoustic guitar sounds with minimal intervention. The result is an honest depiction of the songs recorded, showing growth between releases. He will be launching his new EP Listen at Django Bar on February 10th.

With shades of yesteryear, and passion only a 6 foot tall ginger can possess, storyteller Jack Rayne depicts the mountainous highs and heartbreaking lows of the day by day in the most beautiful of ways. Boasting one of the most captivating voices on the Australian east coast, the Sydney-sider has graced audiences nation wide with his authentically raw live show. Rayne combines the traditional rustic nature of roots/Americana music with a unique vocal flair, creating a sound that is all his own.

more info [1305200]