September 9, 2018 all-day

Ephemera Trio

7pm doors, 8pm show

Join us in the intimate setting of Camelot Lounge for SPACE JAZZ meets BAROQUE JAZZ double bill as featured in Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival 2017!

“Arresting, genre-blurring..Disquieting music with massive breadth and high drama.” Sydney Morning Herald

Ephemera: a musical exploration of celestial landscapes such as pulsars, craters, planetary atmospheres, stars, sun and void. Merging the sound worlds of jazz and contemporary classical, and set to real space sounds, it is a unique sonic experience. The ensemble is led by Keyna Wilkins (piano/flute/compositions) with Elsen Price (double bass/loop pedal), Will Gilbert (trumpet) and special guest Carl St Jacques (viola) and includes freely improvised pieces. NASA recordings of electromagnetic waves from planets and stars is the backdrop soundtrack and has been complied by astronomer Professor Paul Francis with projections of space probe footage.

Since their first performance three years ago, Elysian Fields, Australia’s only electric viola da gamba band, has carved out a growing reputation for performances that blur the boundaries between jazz, chamber music and world music. Drawing largely on the compositional and arranging skills of its multitalented members, the six-piece band’s charts shift effortlessly from stately, baroque-like solemnity to multilayered improvisations and driving, pulsating rhythms. And then there is the unique sound of the electric viola da gamba!  Led by Jenny Eriksson, the band comprises Matt Mahon (piano), Matt Keegan (saxophones), Siebe Pogson (bass guitar), Susie Bishop (voice/violin) and Finn Ryan (drums).

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