LAURA ZARB & JOSE ZARB: Life Beauty & The Road @ Django

August 23, 2020 all-day

zarbs6pm – 8:30pm | Show 7pm

Laura Zarb has lived a life on the road, taking her music from town to town, country to country. It runs in the family. Uncle and God Father Jose Zarb has been out busking and making a career on the street for decades. The feeling of sleeping on beaches and performing in Chateaux. Come and listen, as their songs tell the tales of life, beauty and the road.

Jose (Marsala) is a case of unrestrained love, joy and passion for the spirit that flows through the music of the world. He lives his professional life on the street ‘gypsy style’ and has sold close to 15,000 copies of his albums.
Jose loves his audiences as much as the music and for him a gig is just time to share the love and energy and connection to each song with you.

With her art for words and an open, and at times awkward, honesty Laura’s song writing will make you laugh, smile, and maybe even cry.

more info [1305200]