August 9, 2019 all-day

lonnie ST840_Front_Cover_FINAL (1)

7pm doors, 9pm show

Get Ready to rock your sox off, because the ‘Last man standing’ of the original Australian Rock’n’Roll era is coming your way!!

What we mean by the last man standing is, he is the only star from Australia’s original Rock’n’Roll era to to still be writing, recording and releasing songs, the only one to have his own permanent band, ‘The Leemen’ and the only one performing his own show in the leading venues across Australia.

His show is no tribute show, all the many No 1 hits he sings are his own and they are as popular today as they ever were with both radio and audiences.

He brings back memories to those who were there and creates brand new ones for those who weren’t. Both will remember they have just seen and experienced one of the “last men standing” who can truly deliver. Lonnie’s great unique voice and high energy leaves most wondering just how he does it!! But this is a man who not only loves to sing, but uses many of his songs to tell his own story.

The Leemen, Lonnie’s well known band, have been with him for some time, and their lush harmonies and tight arrangements bring class to an already classy and classic act.

You must see and hear Lonnie Lee to know you have been with a true Living Legend!!

more info [1305200]