March 19, 2020 all-day

IMG_51177pm doors, 8pm show

Louis brings the core of his band The Art of Darkness to light in a new and exciting combo, as we premiere the LT3, and it’s combined experience of 100 years of live playing, right here in Marrickville. This is something you are unlikely to see on a regular basis.

Louis, with his trademark baritone vocals and blues/rock piano style, combines with John Maddox’ unique virtuosity on Bass and Colin Watson’s thoroughbred Guitar expertise and feel, to bring Louis’ repertoire into a dangerous new place. You may remember Louis from his dozen “solo” albums and pioneering improv ensembles like Paris Green, or his thunderous big bands, such as The Aspersion Caste. He has also been a featured pianist on recordings of such legendary Australian acts as Died Pretty, Beasts of Bourbon, Laughing Clowns, and Tex, Don & Charlie, and many others. In International circuits he is billed as the Rockpoet of The Night, and he is held in the same high esteem and written and filmed in the same publications and TV specials as his peers John Cale, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Tom Waits. UK Rolling Stone called him The Dark Giant.

He rarely plays in Australia, preferring to “ride on the tide and the wings of the wind”, as so much of his music alludes to, him being a full time sailor. After more than 2 years since The Art of Darkness last played, which filled The Factory Theatre in 2017 and 2015, this night will present a rare opportunity to catch Louis in an intimate and dynamic environment, where, keeping the band small and tight, each performance takes on it’s own life and direction, leaving all three players to leave the script, to allow them to take the music where it needs to go at that particular time. Louis Tillett, as a musician and a bandleader is synonymous with the Sydney Live and Underground music of the 80s, 90s and 00s. Come and find out why he is often touted as a National Living Treasure.

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