January 1, 2019 all-day

Luke Heggie_ Tom Wilkinson-62

1st show 6pm doors, 7pm show | 2nd show 8:15pm doors, 8:45pm show

Luke Heggie threatened to quit stand up comedy, but after everyone he told of his plans cried inconsolably and clung to his ankles as he walked away, he decided that the world needs laughter. So he’s back with another harsh but fair show about dickheads.

If you own a circular beach towel and/or a set of square dinner plates, you do the reach-around at buffets to get an empty plate before you’re in front of the food, you’re one of those deluded losers who’s friends with all his ex-girlfriends, you wear a t-shirt with the word “finisher” on it, you were the one responsible for hot nuts not being available in pubs anymore, you’re neither a mechanic nor a toddler and yet you wear overalls, then this is not the show for you.

This show will be filmed but will largely be the backs of your heads. It’s not about you. However, there may be fleeting shots of the crowd coming in or leaving or whatever. If you are on the run for some dodgy shit, wear a disguise or move to Darwin. That is all.

No lowbreeds please.

WINNER Comedians Choice Award, Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival 2017

WINNER Best Comedy Weekly Award, Adelaide Fringe 2017

‘Deadpan genius… one of the funniest standups around.’ Sydney Morning Herald

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