April 25, 2019 all-day


7pm doors, 8pm

Reece Mastin’s show is not one you would expect from a 90’s baby. It’s rock ‘n’ roll straight out of a time capsule – and that by no means is an understatement. Call it what you will, reincarnation, spiritual inspiration, naivety or carelessness to what is “main stream” or “cool”, this show and this sound, is cemented in pure love and passion for rock ’n’ roll, and finding true identity through music.

Since separating himself from the large corporate labels, Mastin has produced three powerful rock records, “Rebel and the Reason”, “ Change Colours” and most recently, “Suitcase Of Stories” – and you can see and feel as clear as a cloudless day, that this is what he was born to do.

If you’re looking for some new music and something more than a passing fancy, take a trip down to Reece’s world, and stay along for the ride. We are all sure hoping for a long journey to come.

James Van Cooper has  developed into an Australian Americana/Country Guitar Rock performer, his sound dedicated to the stylings of cool country hipsters Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams. James is also a gifted guitarist – his playing leaves you in smoking ruins and his songwriting is beyond tweet-sized pop nonsense.  When James isn’t doing his own this he is the guitarist for Mi Sex and Glenn Shorrock.

more info [1305200]