January 1, 2021 all-day

6:00pm – 8:00pm | Show 6:30pm (60-70 mins)

Stratos Dionisiou was one of the biggest artists in Greece. His career spanned the 60’s through to 1990. 2020 marks exactly 30 years since he passed away. His songs are not only known to people in Greece, but to all Greeks around the world – both older& younger generations. Stratos had 3 sons who are also famous singers. The MD & Bouzouki player of this 7-piece band, Manolis Michalakis, is one Greece’s leading Bouzouki players. He has worked with Stratos’ 3 sons at live concerts & has also played on Angelos Dionisiou’s albums. The show will feature Lefteris Ganas & Mario Kehagias (vocals), Manolis Michalakis & John Diamantis (Bouzoukia), Sam Christodoulides (Keyboards), Bill Kezelos (drums), & George Ganakas (bass).

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