October 13, 2019 all-day

SuperRats26pm doors, 7pm show

Classic Romanian music, from Canberra. At last something sweet from the Capital!
Super Rats play lautari music, from the gypsy neighbourhoods of dusty old Bucharest. This rich tradition combines many influences: raw Balkan village folk, intricate Gypsy and Turkish music, old central-European restaurant and cafe repertoire, and even jazz. At the centre of the band’s sound is the cimbalom, a giant dulcimer with 145 strings, ably supported by accordion, violin, and double bass.

After over a decade of study in Romania with master traditional musicians, cimbalom player Tim Meyen formed Super Rats to present virtuosic, no-holds-barred music from the golden age of Romanian urban folk. Cine știe cunoaște!

more info [1305200]