TÉTÉ (France) @ Django

January 16, 2020 all-day

tete7pm doors, 8pm show

French pop folk superstar Tété is returning to Australia for the first time in 7 years to celebrate the release of his seventh, and latest album ‘Fauthentique’. Be it fake news, conspiracy theories or lies from public figures, the news keeps reminding us that these distortions of reality are now part of our daily life.

Tété’s new album comes as a reverse question to this unforeseen present: “How can one be sure about one’s perception?” Hence the “Fauthentique” concept, the expression being French for “falsely authentic”. The recording comes across as a sort of melodic make-believe odyssey, built upon organic programming. Falsely naive. Falsely acoustic. Fauthentique.

Tété is very excited to be returning to Australia to share these 12 new songs from “Fauthentique”, along with classic tunes from across his career.

“If you like pop sensibilities with lyrical depth, Tété should definitely be on your radar.” Soultrain

“Tété ought to be crowned France’s folk king.” Paste Magazine

more info [1305200]